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ONE OF MORE Short film by David Van

ONE OF MORE: synopsis

Emilie is a lonely middle-aged woman who is hiding in the basement of her house from the ever-increasing danger of the world around her. The only way she keeps an eye on what's really going on outside is through television news, which she watches most of her time. After a few months, detached from reality and with dwindling food supplies, one day she is faced with the decision to overcome her fear and go out.

Written and Directed by David Van
Cinematographer: Lukáš Hausenblas

Starring: Andrea Miltner, Maxime Mededa

Runtime: 22 minutes


Cast & Crew

David Van photo

David Van (Writter, Director & Producer)

David Van is a young director and screenwriter. For several years he worked in various positions in film and theater, later he combined all his experience and began to use them fully in directing and screenwriting. In recent years, he has made a number of music videos, commercials and several short films. Previous short film Pa'lante:
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Andrea Miltner

Andrea Miltnerová is a dancer, actress and choreographer. Born and brought up in London, her Czech roots drew her to Prague where she danced with the Ballet of the National Theatre. She diversified into contemporary and baroque dance, performing both at home and abroad. She has presented several of her solo choreographies at prestigious festivals and theatres throughout Europe. Andrea has appeared in numerous films shot in the Czech Republic for example Blade II and Hellboy (Guillermo del Torro) and Oliver Twist (Roman Polanski).
Maxime Mededa photo

Maxime Mededa

He has studied Journalism at the faculty of social sciences, Charles university in Prague. Specializing in television sports commentator. However, he never devoted himself to this field. his great interest is Theater and film.He plays in more or less then in many theaters here like an actor. He comes from Benin a small french speaking country in west Afrika but has already spent half of his life in Czech Republic.
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Petr Wajsar (Composer)

Composer, arranger, singer, piano player, guitar player, bass-guitar player and lyricist. Born in Prague, November 14, 1978s.
Dan Valášek photo

Dan Valášek (Sound)

Daniel Valášek is studying Sound department at FAMU in Prague. In addition to film sound, he specializes in music and soundscapes.
Howard Lotker photo

Howard Lotker (actor / singer / dancer / dramaturg / director / performance researcher / translator)

He has more than 30 years of extensive performing experience, working for many leading companies: as a speaker for documentaries and phone systems; character actor for theater, film video games, commercials and animated films; English language dubbing for films; singing in musicals, with the Swing Orchestra ZaTrest Band and others. He has worked in film projects across from stars like Edward Norton (The Illusionist) and Heath Ledger (Knight's Tale).
Lukáš Hausenblas photo

Lukáš Hausenblas (Director of Photography & Producer)

Lukáš Hausenblas is a cinematographer who shoots music videos and feature films. During his studies at FDULS in Pilsen, he began making his own experimental films, on which he perfected his skills and thus discovered the boundaries of painting.
Anna Karaivanova photo

Anna Karaivanova (Costume Designer)

Adéla Háková photo

Adéla Háková (Make-up and Hair)

Jakub Řikovský photo

Jakub Řikovský (Film Editor)

Michal Hor photo

Michal Hor (Lighting Director)

Matouš Janíček photo

Matouš Janíček (Production Designer)


David Van

Andrea Miltner

Lukáš Hausenblas

Petr Wajsar a Daniel Valášek

Anna Karaivanova a Adéla Háková

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One Of More title poster

One Of More title poster

Press release One of More 22. 11. 2021 Czech (Tisková zpráva/Česky)
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